Flour and Maize Mill Plants
TurnKey Complete Flour, Maize, Semolina and Feed Mill Plants:


Machinery and parts: Single Roller Mill, Double Roller Mill, Compact Flour Mill, Maize Mill, Semolina Purifier, Vibro Seperator, Intensive scourer, Magnetic seperator, Dampening, dry stoner, Air recycling, Bucket elevator, Screw Conveyor, Blower Pump, Tubular Screw Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Low pressure fan, High pressure fan, Pneumatic Cyclone, Brain finisher, Plansifter, Impact Detacher, Drum detacher, Vibro feeder, Extraction Rate Scale, Flow Balancer, Moc panels...

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Teknolojimak offers high quality machines designed by professionals who are very good experienced technically on the projects wordwide by our company. The machines are long lasting for the conditions in different countries such as heat, cold, humidity etc.

Energy Saving, low maintenance costs are another advantages. Our equipments are getting more sophisticated by our experinces which gained in conditions in production and working periods forcing by our customers.





Feed Mill Plants


Machinery and parts: Pellet Mill, Hammer Mill, Mixer, Paddle Mixer, Double Mixer, Melass Mixer, Granule, Cooler, Vibrating Screens, Poligonal Screen, Jet Filter, Air Lock, Cyclone, Premiks, Premix, Automatic Bagging, Rotoflow, Elevator, Chain Conveyor, U Spiral Conveyor, Tube Spiral Conveyor, Molasser Pump, Daily Molasser Tank, Oil Scale, Oil Tank, Spiral Conveyor with Foot, Loading Band, Tube Magnet, Flaking Mill, Dryer Cooler, Steam Tower,  Pellet Plant, Powder Feed Plant Turnkey Animal Feed Plants, Poultry Feed Plants ...